It can be difficult to stand out in a market place full of providers who all look the same.  But there are some things that are unique to Elders Financial Planning that truly differentiate us from other financial services licensees.

Referral Opportunities

For many advisers, finding a regular supply of qualified leads is a problem.  When you join Elders Financial Planning, we can provide you with introductions into the broader Elders network.

We have a range of referral opportunities available to you with our Rural Services branches, General Insurance, Real Estate offices, Home Loans and Rural Lending banking areas.


The Human Touch

With some licensees, you get the back office services and not much else.  If you want to talk with someone you call head office.

We offer a different model that we believe is more effective over the long term.

We believe in partnering with our advisers and working together to help them build world-class advice businesses.

Our Regional Managers all have extensive business and financial planning experience so they know what it’s like to run a business and keep abreast of all the regulatory change that you face. In addition to our Regional Managers, we have other people who can help you with different aspects of your business.

We believe there are synergies in working together with our advisers. They tell us they value our input and our coaching that keeps them on track and accountable.


One of the frustrating things about running a business is staying on top of your cashflow. We make it easier for you by paying commissions weekly, not fortnightly like many other licensees.


It’s your business. We give you the flexibility to run it the way you want.

Our Premium Approved Product List provides a wide range of products for you to recommend to your clients.

Some of our advisers choose to use additional tools as part of the advice process – things like the Astute Wheel and SuiteBox. We’re strong advocates for improving the advice process and making it more client friendly.

We don’t tell you how to charge for your services and we can work closely with you to help you develop a strong client value proposition and pricing structure that meets the needs of your clients.

Your Development

We see the upcoming changes in educational standards as part of a bigger picture when it comes to your professional development. We’re the only licensee that provides educational scholarships to our advisers to assist them with increasing their financial planning knowledge.

But we also believe that advisers need to develop soft skills to allow them to interact on a more meaningful basis with their clients. We provide training via our PD Days and Conferences on these topics as well as recommending suitable courses for advisers.

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