Reg has had over 30 years' involvement in the Life Insurance and Financial Planning Industry. Reg joined Elders Financial Planning in February 2002 when he and his family moved from their farm at Gatton to reside in Toowoomba.

Reg’s clients extend across a wide area of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Reg and travel go hand in hand as he takes great pleasure in personally visiting his clients in their own environment where he develops a more concise picture, and deeper understanding of the clients’ overall situation. Reg believes in helping and guiding his clients construct a comprehensive program to make the most of their earning potential during their working years, as well as helping provide protection needed to ensure their long term financial goals are secure and not at risk.

Reg has the knowledge and expertise to analyse each client’s unique situation, inform them of the types of covers available, what the optimum mix of products is, including features and benefits, and determine the level of cover to suit their needs and affordability for now and into the future. Reg has streamlined processes to ensure quality service during application, underwriting and claims management.

As we all know, insurance is crucial but can be complex. We all want to protect ourselves and our families from the financial consequences associated with illness, injury or death. It can be complicated to know what type of insurance is required and it can be even more difficult knowing how much insurance is needed.

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