Understand the Centrelink benefits that may apply to you

There are a number of Centrelink and government benefits available, particularly for older retired Australians.

Elders Financial Advisers can assist you in finding what your entitlements may be throughout each life stage.


Payments and rebates are available

Whether you’re studying, experiencing financial hardship, have a disability, or are on the pension, Centrelink has a variety of payments that could help you to find your feet.

Your Elders Financial Adviser can help you to find out which government or Centrelink entitlements you may qualify for, the approximate amount you could expect to receive and in what circumstances your benefits might be stopped.

Some of the Centrelink benefits that you may be entitled to include:

  • Family Tax Benefit for families
  • Assistance for separated parents
  • Support for job seekers
  • Students and trainee support (Eg. Newstart, Austudy)
  • Age Pension for older Australians
  • Your health or sickness support
  • Disability support pensions
  • Migrants, refugees and visitor support
  • Pension Bonus Scheme
  • Carers payment/allowance
  • Support for Indigenous Australians (Eg. Abstudy)
  • Help in an emergency or crisis situation

Schemes currently available for people working within the farming industry

A range of payments and services are available from the government to support those living and working in rural and remote areas of Australia.

  • Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme – assists with cost of transporting goods by sea between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, and between the main island of Tasmania and King Island and the Furneaux Group. It works by reducing the freight costs imposed by Bass Strait.
  • Farm Household Allowance – assisting farmers who are experiencing financial hardship and their families with basic household needs in order to improve their long term financial security.

Government and community support services

The Australian Government has over 580 agents and access points, including mobile service centres and rural call centres, providing a broad range of services in rural, regional and remote communities.

There are a range of other government and community support organisations which you may find helpful:

  • Social workers can also help you during difficult times by providing counselling, support and information.

For mental health, health services and other types of support within the community, read the Elders’ comprehensive list here.

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