When do you need to see a financial adviser?

At Elders Financial Planning, our aim is to develop the ideal financial solutions to match your particular circumstances. Our advisers work with you to understand your financial and lifestyle goals so they can offer tailored financial advice and provide long term strategies.

Financial planning assists with anticipating and managing your financial situation and the life events that can change it. Your Elders Financial Adviser can offer professional financial planning across a range of events and situations throughout your lifetime. Your personal life goals are important to us, so we focus on providing relevant, timely, and highly personalised services to make the most of your finances and lifestyle.

Learn more about the different services that our financial advisers can offer you below.

How can our financial advisers help you?

Elders Financial Advisers work with you to understand your financial and lifestyle goals in order to offer you tailored financial advice and short and long term strategies.

We use a structured and professional process to develop a detailed plan, consisting of the following stages:

  • Understanding your needs
  • Preparation of advice
  • Implementation of your strategies
  • Conduct reviews
  • Provision of ongoing services

Elders Financial Advisers can help you answer any financial question that could arise throughout your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, nobody knows when an accident or illness may strike. It’s a little known fact that most insurance claims are for illness, rather than accidents. These are not covered by Workers Compensation or other social security payments. Approximately half of all Australians over the age of 30 will suffer a major illness which may lead to long-term disability, and consequently, a long term loss of income. It’s important to make sure you’re financially covered in case a tragic event like this comes to pass. Insurance can help you look after mortgage payments, bills, and cost of living expenses, so speak with a financial adviser to make sure you have the right cover for your situation.

For more information on how you can insure yourself against accident or illness, head to our Risk Planning guide.

It can be difficult to think about what would happen to your loved ones if you were no longer around, especially when they are dependent on you for financial support. The death of a loved one can create enormous strain, including emotional and financial pressure on a family. If you are starting to think about what could be, now is the time to consider life insurance.

If you would like to learn more about how to plan your Will, head to the Estate Planning page.

Your employer contributes 9.5% of your salary towards your superannuation. You can help to increase the growth of your superannuation with the following strategies:

  • Sacrifice some of your salary
  • Make after tax super contributions
  • Government co-contributions
  • Contribution splitting
  • Personal deductible contributions
  • Spousal contributions

Talk to an Elders Financial Adviser to learn which strategies may help you prepare for a happy and financially secure retirement. For more information, read more in the Superannuation section of this website.

A tax effective portfolio is one that generates high yield (income and/or growth) with the least amount of tax impost. Whatever your personal circumstances, your income and your attitude to risk, investors should consider how to best arrange their finances in a tax efficient manner. Speaking to an Elders Financial Adviser can help you with an appropriate cost-effective tax management strategy suitable for your personal needs.

For more tax strategies, read the information on the Tax Efficient Strategies page.

The unexpected death or disability of a business owner or key decision maker can seriously risk the ongoing viability of business operations. Adequate business insurance can help to minimise these risks and work to protect the financial security of families and business associates.

Wanting to ensure your business is safe and sound? Read more on the Business Risk Insurance page.

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